100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Real Silk Protect Hair Skin Pillowcase Any Size Customized Bedding Pillow Cases Cover

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SPECIFICATIONSBrand Name: NoneMaterial: 100% SilkOrigin: Mainland ChinaCN: SichuanTechnics: satinObscene Picture: NoThread Count: 100TCGrade: QualifiedSet Type: noType: PillowcaseFeature: Non-ToxicStyle: Modern simplicityUse: HomeUse: HOTELUse: Hospitalis_customized: NoPattern Type: SolidFabric Count: 100Pattern: Modern simplicitySexually Suggestive: No Specification: Only one pillow...
Color: white
Size: 51x66cm 1pc
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Brand Name: None

Material: 100% Silk

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Sichuan

Technics: satin

Obscene Picture: No

Thread Count: 100TC

Grade: Qualified

Set Type: no

Type: Pillowcase

Feature: Non-Toxic

Style: Modern simplicity

Use: Home


Use: Hospital

is_customized: No

Pattern Type: Solid

Fabric Count: 100

Pattern: Modern simplicity

Sexually Suggestive: No

Specification: Only one pillow case!
colour:white,pink,dark grey,black,red,peacock blue,
champagne,dark blue,sky blue,Moonlight Blue
After receiving the pillowcase, there will be signs of folding, which is a normal phenomenon. After washing and drying by hand, iron it smoothly, and the temperature should not be too high. When ironing, air the clothes until 70% dry, spray clean water evenly, and wait for 3-5 minutes before ironing. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 150 ° C. The iron should not directly touch the silk surface to avoid generating aurora. You must cover it with a damp cloth before ironing it to prevent high temperatures from making the silk brittle or even scorching. The temperature of ironing silk cheongsam should be controlled between 165 ° C and 185 ° C. The reverse dry ironing or pad ironing can be used instead of spray directly on clothes. After ironing, clothes should be placed in a ventilated place until the damp and heat have dissipated, otherwise they may easily cause mildew. Silk belongs to high-end fabrics, with a very delicate texture. The wrinkle resistance of silk clothing is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber fabrics, so there is a saying that no wrinkle is not true silk. If the clothes wrinkle after washing, they need to be ironed to be crisp, elegant, and beautiful.
Maintenance: Silk clothing is woven from protein based delicate health care fibers. When washing, it is not advisable to rub rough objects and use a washing machine. The clothing should be immersed in cold and clear water for 5-10 minutes. The detergent is synthesized with low foam detergent or neutral soap, and gently rubbed. Colored silk clothing can be repeatedly rinsed in clean water.
1. Dark colored clothing or silk fabrics should be washed separately from light colored ones
2. Silk clothing that is wet with sweat should be washed immediately or soaked in clean water. It is strictly prohibited to wash with hot water above 30 degrees Celsius,
3. When washing silk, use acidic or light alkaline detergents, preferably silk specific detergents.
4. It is best to wash it by hand, and do not rub it vigorously

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